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Privacy built over analytics
is what we do.

A simple, lightweight, privacy centred and cookie-free analytic platform on a mission to make the Internet a better place.

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Re-inventing web analytics

We're building analytics the way it should have been built.

Data For Humans

Beautiful and uncluttered data at your fingertip.

Multiple important metrics like unique visitors, referrer, language, country, browser, etc displayed in a well-crafted dashboard that is easy to interpret where all your data belongs to you, 100%.

Data without the BS

We believe that removing the BS is the best way to show data. Our dashboard is basic and clean, with easy-to-understand information.

Privacy friendly data

We only collect data relevant to you because we believe that the best way to ensure privacy is by collecting only the necessary data.

Evade ad-blocker

Are you concerned about losing your ad-blocking visitors? Our smart tracking script tracks visitors who are behind an ad-blockers.

Unnoticeable Tracking

Super lightweight and privacy friendly tracking script.

Our tracking script weights less than 1kb and is delivered by our anycast CDN. Along with this, you have complete control over what pages and IP's you wish to exclude and if you want to public your data.

Lightweight tracking

Our tracking script is just 1kb in size. It is also powered by Bunny.net's fast and globally distributed CDN (Content delivery network).

Pick who you want to track

You may block our tracking script from tracking IP addresses and URLs by adding them to the whitelist in your website's settings.

Regular performance reports

Never skip a beat when it comes to the performance of your website. We'll provide you regular email updates on the status of your website.

Use Qonmatic Everywhere

Build beyond with our developer friendly API & SDK's

Go beyond the dashboards and connect Qonmatic into your application using our robust API, which is accompanied by thorough documentation so that you may explore more than just attractive dashboards.

Integrate anywhere

It already works with most major CMS and apps, but you can simply connect it with any other application with our easy to use API and SDKs.

Well designed API & SDK's

Our goal is to provide a full API and SDK for popular languages. In addition, our API is expanding to give developer-first statistics.

Built for developers

Need help integrating? or any other Qonmatic related issues? Our team is made up of developers just like you. We can assist.

The hidden cost behind free analytics

Free analytics platform are not really free, you eventualy pay with your data. Big corporations uses your data for ad targeting and this needs to stop.

The true hidden costs of using free Google Analytics

"The biggest cost lies in how the data Google Analytics collects is used and shared. From Google Analytics, the data ends up all over the world for use in Google’s advertising products. This is clearly stated in the policies for Google Analytics. This also won’t change anytime soon."

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Facebook's ad targeting and its creepy image problem

"The public is already uncomfortable with the way Facebook and other tech giants follow us around the web. Roughly 68% of consumers say tracking online activity to tailor ads is unethical, according to a survey commissioned by cybersecurity firm RSA Security earlier this year."

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Take Back Control Over Your Privacy.

Start using Qonmatic today, it take just 5 minutes to get started with our analytics platform without compromising on your privacy and data.