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Simple, lightweight, privacy centred and cookie-free analytic platform built by a small team of data analysts and security engineers to make the Internet a better place.

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Re-inventing web analytics

Here at Qonmatic we are on a mission to re-invent web analytics from the scratch with privacy, simplicity & data in mind

Beautiful & Uncluttered Data

Multiple important metrics like unique visitors, referrer, language, country, browser, etc displayed in a well-crafted dashboard that is easy to interpret where all your data belongs to you, 100%.

Neat & uncluttered dashboard

We believe that the best way to present data is by cutting down the BS. Our dashboard is minimalistic and well organized, offering you quality and understandable data.

Data which means something

The best way to ensure analytics along with privacy in mind is by collecting truly essential data. Data we collect and present you are vital for decision making, not the other way around.

Automatically evade ad-blocker

Are you worried about missing out on the visitors behind ad-blockers? Our tracking script tracks visitors even behind most of the ad-blockers out there.

Lightweight & privacy friendly

Our tracking script weights less than 1kb and is delivered by our anycast CDN. Along with this, you have complete control over what pages and IP's you wish to exclude and if you want to public your data.

Tracking script less than 1 kb in size

Our tracking script is tiny in size, not even 1kb, to be honest. Apart from being small in size, it is also powered by's fast & globally distributed CDN (Content data network).

Full control over who you want to track

You have complete control over who you want to track and how to access your dashboard, add IPs to the whitelist, and our tracking script will exclude them from being tracked.

Regular performance report by email

Never miss out on how your websites have been performing. We will keep you in the loop regarding your website's performance with regular email reports without fail.

Developer friendly API & SDK's

Go beyond and integrate Qonmatic into your application with our robust API, which comes with proper documentation for you to explore beyond beautiful dashboards.

Freedom to integrate anywhere

Qonmatic is already compatible with almost all popular CMS and applications, but you may easily integrate Qonmatic with practically any application.

Well designed API & SDK's

We have gone above and beyond to ensure a fully functional API and SDK for popular languages. Our API is also evolving rapidly to ensure that we are a developer-first analytics platform.

Built for developers by developers

Need assistance with integration? or want us to assist you with any other technicalities of Qonmatic? Most of our team consists of passionate developers just like you. We are here to help.

Built for everyone by privacy enthusiasts

We don't just help you track visitors, but we also help you take insightful decisions

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Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Qonmatic has a lot else to offer you. We are constantly evolving, shipping new features almost ever, features based on your feedback.

Filter through your data

Filter and navigate through your data quickly straight from the dashboard with clicks, not complex commands.

Public/Private dashboard

Want to showcase your metrics to the public? Set your dashboard to public mode, and everyone can have read access to the data.

Privacy friendly tracking

We have engineered a revolutionary tracking method to track your visitors without linking them to their identity or fingerprinting them.

You own your data

You have complete control over your data. You can remove them from your account with a click anytime.

GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant

Qonmatic is cookie-free and meets GDPR, CCPA and PECR. We have spent hours and a ton of capital to ensure that we are compliant with all significant data privacy norms and policy's

Quickly export data

Export all your website's statistics in a beautiful CSV format with a single click. You pretty much export any data from your Qonmatic dashboard.

Track multiple metrics

Get a comprehensive overview of your website statistics. Track all essential metrics of your website and not just metrics; you can also set up and track events straight from the dashboard.

Marvelous 24x7 support team

Ran into trouble? Our team is always available around the clock for you. We are just an email away from you.

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